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Wanganui sits in the region known as Wanganui River City and is home to our artistic Florists.We use only the best flower shops to produce a beautiful floral bouquet or flower arrangement. You can rest assured our flowers are all handled by talented florists, and the result will often exceed your expectations.


We can deliver a corporate gift basket to Victorai Avenue in the city, a flower arrangement to Aramoho in the north, a Bouquet of flowers to Marybank in the south, a beautiful Valentine's bunch of Roses by courier to Bastia Hill in the east or how about a flowering plant to Castlecliff out west. In other words we cover the Manawatu region and businesses right through downtown Wanganui CBD and the outer suburbs.


Florist Bouquets

Designers Choice Bouquet - Florists Wanganui Bouquets
Florists - Designers Choice Bouquet
$59.95 - BUY FLOWERS
Bright Delight - Florists Wanganui Bouquets
Florists - Bright Delight
$74.95 - BUY FLOWERS
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Florist Arrangements

Designers Cut Flowers - Florists Wanganui Arrangements
Florists - Designers Cut Flowers
$49.95 - BUY FLOWERS
Designers Arrangement - Florists Wanganui Arrangements
Florists - Designers Arrangement
$64.95 - BUY FLOWERS
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Florist Celebration

Polka Dot - Florists Wanganui Celebration
Florists - Polka Dot
$74.95 - BUY FLOWERS
Garden Spectacle - Florists Wanganui Celebration
Florists - Garden Spectacle
$79.95 - BUY FLOWERS
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Wanganui suburbs
  • Gonville
  • Castlecliff
  • Springvale
  • St. Johns Hill
  • Aramoho
  • Wanganui East
  • Bastia Hill
  • Durie Hill
  • Putiki
  • Whanganui (alternate)